Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eden Hayes Photography- and some miracle pictures

3 kids aged 4 and under + sleep-deprived momma and daddy = terrible, horrible, no good, very bad family photos.


At least for us.



Thank you, Eden Hayes Photography!

I mean, we still didn't get one with all three kids looking at the camera and smiling, but I probably would have called it fake if we had.  It wouldn't have been a "true" picture of how our children are at this stage.  I love that she really captured the current dynamics of our little family.

And look at how she captured my sweet children-

 Oh, and these too...


I mean, have Cbug's eyes ever looked bluer, has KJ ever looked more like a 4 (AND A HALF) year-old, has Lou's aloof mischievousness ever been better displayed?  I LOVE these pictures.

If she can do this with OUR family and with our children that typically won't even LOOK at the camera...
now, that is talent.
And now we have the treasures to show for it.


PS- Here is the link to her site.  I have a feeling you are going to need it.
You. Are. Welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Those are great pics!