Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Uncle M!

Another favorite uncle had a birthday last week.  His birthday was right in the middle of traveling, sickness, and an all around crazy week.  But we love him to pieces just the same!
 (and if we started suddenly being on-time with these family birthday greetings, it really wouldn't be fair to past recipients, right?)

Believe me when I say this was the very best photo I got in this little shoot.  At least in this one, no one is crying or running away. Ha.  I think I had just said something like "if we can make B smile, this can be the last picture".  Everyone jumped at the opportunity.

Uncle M started Med School this week and we are so VERY proud.  We can't wait to call him Dr. B, and in the meantime we love benefitting from his treasure-trove of knowledge and research skills.  Thanks, M! We all sure LOVE you!

and the gang

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