Sunday, July 31, 2011

A sick day blessing

1400 sq feet starts to feel pretty small when all 8 of its occupants are sick.  The puzzles have all been worked, the stories have all been read, the sick kiddos are TOO TIRED of movies, and not TIRED ENOUGH for good naps.

Enter our sick-day-superhero!

I'll post soon about my quick trip which fell smack-dab in the middle of "sick week" at our house.  DUDE, it was bad timing.  But we were supported and loved by many during this tough week.  There was one-instance-of-help, though, that I just had to post cute pictures of.  As I got back to town, a sweet friend had offered to help by going to the grocery store.  I gave her our list.  But she added a few "sick necessities" and totally saved the afternoon.

Not only were there sweet treats, refreshing drinks, and lots of encouragement...

SHE BROUGHT PRESENTS and stayed to entertain for a while (the very best gift for me)!  At one point during the fun, KJ declared he couldn't wait to eat some of the sweet goodies so he was just "going to have to buckle-on his self-control". 
Um, not sure where you got that one, bud...but sounds like a GREAT idea.

KJ loved his new spiderman puzzle. 
*she thoughtfully remembered he had a spiderman birthday cake

Cbug and AB LOVED their Cars2 coloring books
*so thoughtful to know that two three-year-old boys would need exactly the same thing

CB loved having her very OWN colored pencils, crayons and coloring book

and Lou enjoyed her play-dough
*of course in princess colors
Baby B was quite content to splash, play, and make a big mess with some soapy water

I am so thankful I captured this one (of a hundred) ways that our community is so thoughtfully and generously supporting us.  Thanks, Ms K, for your sweet blessing on our sick-day.  And to all of you for continuing to walk this road with us!


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