Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sequel...and Part 2.

You may remember (or you may I'll remind you), that two blond-headed brothers have only been to the movie theater once. And that highlight for them was nearly a year ago.
(Sorry kids, you happened to be born to a momma that doesn't love going to the movies.)

If you know these two boys at all, you ALSO know that one of their very favorite movies of ALL TIME, a movie they have seen (at least parts of) more times than I can count, had a sequel released last week. 
It was an OBVIOUS choice for their 2nd time to the theater.
But this time, someone else joined them...

It would be the first time to the movie theater for sweet sister Lou (and Baby June, too). 
June, meet McQueen.  McQueen, meet June.

They donned their best cars attire, and were thrilled to be at the theater.
(maybe a little less thrilled with the photo shoot required before they got to go to their seats.)

The only thing that could possibly make going to see Cars 2 ANY more exciting, was the fact that it worked out for their sequel movie-going-experience to be in the company of some of their VERY favorite people.

Three adorable munchkins were BESIDE themselves.  Popcorn. Snuggles.  Mater as the hero.  What more could they want?

And we made it out with only about 5 potty breaks for a certain sister.
I'd call that a successful afternoon. Part 2.

As as side note...I've heard mixed reviews on the movie.  Even though we preferred the premise of the first movie, we were not disappointed by this one.  Lou's opinion doesn't count (she was only in it for the candy), but the boys were GLUED to the screen the entire time.

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