Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MMM: Some are better than others

When I started "Makeover My Monday" it was to try to keep Monday chaos at bay.  But there was also a side benefit.  I loved blogging about the day, and looking back on fun Mondays.  I loved remembering Mondays.  We've started having fun on Mondays again, now that we have a bit of a routine with our clan of children, and I'm looking forward to having more and more to tell about Mondays with them.

Yesterday was not one of those days.

Yesterday was not a Monday to remember.  It was full of  many sick kiddos, doing laundry and recovering from being out of town.  Our get-out-of-the-house-to-keep-everyone-happy plan was foiled and to be honest, I felt like the walls were closing in on me.  This was a Monday for which my plan needed a back-up plan.  And I didn't have one. 

Some Mondays are like that.  Some are just better than others.

Like last week...

Last week we put a new "spin" on Monday and went bowling.  Thanks to my brave friend, two adults and 9 children (2 baby spectators, not pictured) tackled free bowling at some local lanes. 

SO.MUCH.FUN!  Granted, there were moments that weren't fun, but thanks to Ashley's patience and sweet offer to help, our kids really enjoyed this first-for-them experience.  Below she is modeling what us moms did best...taking pictures and celebrating victories
(and a little refereeing, corraling, and correcting, of course)

And just enjoyed watching our little bowlers.

all about the form...

and the follow-up which included a prayer and much rejoicing!
shockingly, a more "gentle" approach. 

Watching sweetly and patiently until his ball reached the pins.
Couldn't get enough, always anxious for his turn and determined to use the heaviest ball he could pick up.

More interested in the snacks than that bowling, but still happy to oblige when it was her turn.

Not.so.shockingly, she bowled "princess style".  Rainboots, a big bow and uncontrollable bouncing with excitement as the ball approached the pins.

The princess would proclaim the ball "too he-bee" to pick up, wrinkle her nose and wait for help
help which Cbug, her brother-in-shining-armor, was happy to provide

A trait he learned well after getting a little help himself from his "big" brother.  Oh my, how I love watching them love each other so naturally.

With hugs all around from good friends,

and much muscle flexing...

now that was a Monday worth remembering.

And suddenly yesterday doesn't seem quite so bad either.


Katie and James said...

I am crying. I LOVE these pictures!! I miss you guys so much. If I didn't have a newbie I would have been over there yesterday despite the sickness, but at least having such a downer day will make the others so much sweeter! Love you.

Katie and James said...

PS, I never thought I knew who your Ashley was and just realized b/c of these pictures that she is Emma's Sunday teacher! So cool.