Thursday, April 26, 2012

KJ's Treat

At our church, the children earn "Bible bucks" each week for various things- participating in class, scripture memorization, bringing in charitable donations, etc.   Then, they can save them and spend them on all sorts of goodies.  I'll admit to not being an awesome mom in the category of retaining and letting my children spend these treasures.  For a long time our kids thought those little orange pieces of paper WERE the reward and had no idea you could use them to buy other treasures.  In fact, I often used to throw them away (GASP).  Sorry. 

 But a couple of years ago KJ reached the age of awareness and insisted that we do a better job of saving and spending his hard earned paper.  So we have.  Over the course of the last couple of years we have been the proud purchasers of a wooden rattle snake, echo microphone, plastic bugs and dinosaurs, temporary tatoos, and other such amazingness.

This last week, though, on a trip to the "Bible Buck station" he had an awesome idea.  He wanted to spend his moolah on something our whole family could enjoy together.  His first choice was a McDonald's gift card.  But the Lord smiled on this 39-week-pregnant Momma and miraculously all of the McD's cards were gone.  And KJ settled for Sonic. 

Especially when he remembered (with a little prompting) that at Sonic he could buy yummy drinks! 

All 3 kids were so excited about getting to order whatever they wanted to drink.  Unfortunately for them, they rarely get anything but water or milk and the occasional juice box at restaurants so this is a big deal.  Before you are lead to believe that the lack of soda consumption at our house has anything to do with my amazingly-healthy-parenting just know that it may actually be born out of 1) I don't even like cokes (although if Sonic would bring back the delicious mango limeade, my tune might change) and 2) I'm a cheap-skate and can't stand to pay for drinks.  They are so deprived.

KJ ordered for everyone.

And paid with his very own card.

He took the whole thing very seriously.

And was thrilled about getting to deliver a treat to Daddy at work, too.

I love that spending his Bible bucks this way made him so happy.  It was so much fun to watch and made me so proud.  It was a perfect example of how seriously he takes his job of loving his family, especially his brothers and sister.

As he is about to become the BIGGEST of four siblings, I think this was a perfect rite-of-passage. 
Taking his whole family out for Sonic drinks.
His treat.

But actually, the treat was all mine!


The Brackeens said...

When you say 'biggest', do you mean 'oldest'? Ha. I think CBug is going to over take him soon. ;) That is so precious that he did that. Such a sweet brother! Chad and I aren't big on sodas, either, and we NEVER buy them at restaurants. Yeah, it's a $ thing. Call me cheap, I don't care. That adds up!!!

Life in the Herman House said...

He is precious, what a great example he is of how to share <3 We love you Korben!