Monday, January 26, 2009

A day for the books

Today is a day that I'd like to forget for a little while, but laugh about later. So I better document it now. Today the brothers had so much fun playing together. They shared well, they laughed together and entertained each other better than ever before. They did so well that they had me fooled into thinking that I could leave them unsupervised while I worked on laundry.

The first sign that this might not be a great idea came as I pulled my clean sheets out of the washing machine...and discovered my cell phone had joined the load of laundry. I loaded the washing machine over the course of an hour or so as I gathered towels, sheets, etc, between interacting with the boys. Both of them were in and out of the laundry room "helping" at various times. So while it might be possible that the phone was wrapped up in the sheets when I took them off my bed, I'm thinking it is even more likely that one of my little helpers decided my phone needed a bath.

You would think that a phone in the washing machine would warn me that the boys were not quite ready to play unsupervised, but I'm a slow learner.

This evening I went to change out another load of laundry, leaving both boys giggling in the play tent in KJ's room. I was gone for maybe 3 minutes. When I came back in to the living room (where Cbug had crawled) I noticed a strange odor and saw that he had something in his hand. Yep, it was POOP. There was poop smeared through 3 rooms of our house, inside the play tent, on at least 3 stuffed animals, all inside of one toy bin and was on the bottom of KJ shoes (culprit for smashing it into the carpet in his room). DISGUSTING. Best part is, this happened maybe 30 minutes before RRL got home. They always save the best for Momma, don't they?

Tomorrow, we are NOT staying home all day. No matter how cold it is and no matter how happily the "little angels" seem to be playing together. Good thing I love them so much!



Amanda said...

Oh My Goodness! You've had one crazy day! A poop story is always a good one unless you're the one cleaning it up. I hope tomorrow is better! :)

emily anna said...

I'm so sorry! That kind of stuff happens to the best of us! I hope today is better! :)

Randi Freeby said...

Awesome! That tends to be a word I use often. You can use it too if you like. I am sure I have a lot of awesome in my future too with two boys. Thanks for sharing.

Herndon4 said...

That stinks! (literally)