Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hat Party

Cbug LOVES hats. In fact, he thinks all things basically fit into two categories...either it must be FOOD or it must be a HAT, it must either go in your mouth or on your head (actually, it's usually both). He doesn't necessarily like to wear hats for any length of time, but does love to play with them, take them off of other people's heads, play peek-a-boo from behind them, etc. So we decided for his 1st birthday we would have a "Hat" theme, and have everyone come wearing a hat...instant entertainment for our one-year-old!
(This family picture makes me laugh, but it is pretty standard for what we get these days. I do wish you could see Cbug's outfit a little better. My mom made him overalls with his initials cross-stitched across the front. AMAZINGLY HANDSOME!)
I went with the "hat"theme and made a baseball cap cake (much MUCH easier than the train cake at KJ's first birthday).

Both boys, of course, loved eating the cake. Cbug was a little intimidated by the big cake when we put it in front of him, but tore into a cupcake after we traded.
Cbug loved getting to play with friends...

...and he loved his very first adventure in the amazing indoor playscape at our church- I think that mr. fearless would have climbed to the top if someone had been willing to help him a little.

It was a fun day and we were so blessed to have so many people that love our Cbug there with us to celebrate!


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