Saturday, January 24, 2009

The things that come out of his mouth...

...have to make you laugh.

I still need to do a few more rewind posts (Christmas and our anniversary), but in the mean time, I thought I should document a few of the funny things that have recently come out of this mouth.

1) KJ got new scissors for Christmas. We keep them put up really high and only get them down under "controlled circumstances". Every time we get them out we make a really big deal out of the fact that we "ONLY CUT PAPER". I've been VERY careful never to say "and we don't cut ____" worried that anything I put in the blank might give him an idea. Today at lunch he asked if we could get the scissors out after lunch. RRL said "sure, but remember we only cut paper" and KJ said "that's right, just paper, and NOT Mommy's hair" with a huge sneaky grin on his face. Help me remember to guard my locks carefully next time he has those shears in his little hand.

2) At lunch last week, I was giving KJ some options. I said "You can have some yogart or what about applesauce or maybe oranges". KJ thought for a minute then said "Mommy, can you say 'What about oreos' please". Nice try little man.

3) KJ was "helping" clean-up after bath by throwing all of the bath toys out of the bathtub. I was in his room putting Cbug's diaper and clothes on so I did not know until I got back to the bathroom to see toys and water everywhere. I told him that he needed to put all of the toys back in the bathtub. A few minutes later I came back and asked him if he got them all. He replied "Nope, there is one in the trashcan. It was a GREAT shot". Apparently the toys were not randomly thrown out of the tub. He was trying to get them into the trash can...but only made one.
4) KJ loves to talk on the phone to his grandparents. However, recently when RRL was talking to my mom he asked KJ if he wanted to talk to Nonna. KJ thought for a minute and then said "No, tell her I'm kinda busy playing right now". Oh, excuse us for interrupting your important tasks.

5) KJ often talks about his "sister". This would be so very cute if he was talking about the sister in my belly. Instead, though, if you ask him where his sister is he will either say "She's over there" (pointing aimlessly over his shoulder) or he will say "She is in class right now". We are not sure exactly where her class is (although sometimes he talks about our youth center at church) or what class she is taking or why he thinks his sister is there. But his answer is consistent so who can argue?

6)This is not a specific story, but it also cracks me up that KJ is into role playing and will tell us what to say to fit into his little imaginary world. He'll say "can you say_____?" or "you say____, then I'm going to say____" and we are supposed to follow instructions. He'll correct us along the way if we "forget" or say something incorrectly. When I do a good job he says "Great job, Mom" or "There ya go, you did it" in his best grown-up/teacher voice. HILARIOUS!

He's at such a funny stage which in some ways makes me in a funny stage as a Mom. It kind of makes me laugh when I look back at conversations I've had with people and realize that they likely did not care about ANY of the KJ/Cbug stories I just shared. I just can't help myself, I just HAVE to share and talk about my kiddos. Ah well, that's all I got these days...and I'll take it.


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Jim said...

Often, I just HAVE to share and talk about all of my kiddos as well.... (and YOURS).
People have learned that "What's going on in your family?" is not a question that gets a 15 second answer.

(PS: I posted this a few minutes ago, then realized the computer thought I was Mom... Hence the previous deletion. I'm both amused and confused, as usual.)

Mexskimo said...

Normally I just read your posts from my feed list, but I had to wander over to your actual page to tell you how much the oreo story cracked me up! Sooooo cute and hilarious!

emily anna said...

LOVE this little guy! I'm so glad that Claire and Luke have KJ and Cbug as friends... can't wait to meet the sweet addition. I'm sure she will be just as funny! :)
PS I had so much fun watching KJ and Luke chase each other last night! said...

He always makes me laugh. I was telling Caitlyn Flow KJ stories at church this morning.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

I know who KJ's sister is?????
Love ya - keep all those cute stories and pictures coming!
Lisa F.

Anonymous said...

I know who KJ's sister is?????
Love ya - keep all those cute stories and pictures coming!
Lisa F.