Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rewind to Christmas #1- Santa

We made several attempts to get pictures with Santa Clause (and Santa Cow), but the boys did not think that was such a great idea. Cbug was pretty much terrified which is completely uncharacteristic of him and totally threw us off guard (which is why we tried more than once). KJ We did not really make a huge deal out of Santa in general with KJ so he was pretty much indifferent toward the man in the red suit, could have cared less about talking to him and only smiled for pictures when bribed.
When the above Santa (at the mall) asked KJ what he would like for Christmas, KJ just said "How about one of those candy canes over there?" and pointed to Santa's bucket of treats. It was just fine with us that he wasn't into the concept of wishing for the moon.

Overall, KJ had only three requests for Christmas. When someone asked he would say "some candy, some sunglasses, and some blue Christmas lights." The candy was stuck on his brain after the Santa visit. He lost his sunglasses at Walmart in Nov (read- he threw them down and we couldn't find them) and I had told him I would not get him more until Christmas so that explains that one. And the blue Christmas lights were a result of us driving around on lots of occasions to look at lights. One night he just declared "The blue lights are the best" and from then on wanted some for his own. All three of his requests were easily manageable and were granted, so he had a great Christmas!

KJ's very own blue lights, not the best picture, but you get the idea.


Cbug's new tub of plastic food (this tub of food, to which I've since added some play dishes, has proven to provide HOURS of entertainment for BOTH boys, without taking up the space that a play kitchen would. Thanks for the great idea, Aunt M!)

Stay tuned for more to come in the "Rewind to Christmas" series. However, the series is sure to be frequently interrupted by the regularly scheduled randomness that is this blog. I know you just can't wait!


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audrey said...

well i am one for two. said at cbug's party you were going to have a girl. now if aunt has boy then i will be two for two. thanks for inviting us to the party
love the michael hayes