Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, RRL.

Yesterday was RRL's birthday.
Last weekend we celebrated on the beach with my parents.
But because it was the big THREE.FIVE. I really wanted to make it memorable at home, too.
I had some great ideas.
I could write out 35 things I love about him (heaven knows it would have been tough to limit it to only thirty-five)
I could make a book of my favorite 35 places we've been together.
I could spend 35 minutes for 35 days doing something special just for him.
Truth be told, he deserves all that and more, and maybe someday I will follow through on some of it.

I did spend (at least) THIRTY-FIVE minutes dressing and posing these munchkins for some bday pictures.  That counts, right?
Instead, we simply celebrated by going to dinner at a special place that he chose.
We enjoyed dinner as a family and then a movie date alone.
It wasn't grandiose. But we were together. And I love knowing that is what makes him happiest.

Lots of people at the restaurant must have known it was a special occasion because they smiled at RRL and watched as we all followed him to our table.
Either that or it was because his daughter was wearing her tiarra and polk dot shoes, his boys were dressed alike, and he was carrying a 10-month-old that doesn't know a stranger.
Maybe that had something to do with it.

And while it may be the adorable munchkins who draw the sighs and stares,
I hope at least a few of the people watching last night were insightful enough to put together what seems so obvious to me.
That the handsome one-
the one who patiently played tic-tac-toe, took kiddos to the bathroom and was so content to enjoy his steak between munchkins enjoying corndogs and chocolate milk,
the one we were celebrating...
He's the glue.

Love you, Babe!
Happy Birthday!

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The Brackeens said...

The glue, huh? Love that analogy!!!! Happy Three Five RRL.