Monday, March 18, 2013

The Apple

Sweet Cbug
He's the APPLE of my eye
One of them, at least

One of his favorite things to do right now
is to smile for my camera

until just right before I actually take the picture
and then

while everyone else is still smiling
he bombs the photo with craziness.

Next, he runs over to me and says "Hey Mom, check me out in that one"
He makes me laugh. WHERE does he come up with this stuff?

 it turns out this APPLE of mine
doesn't fall too far from the old tree.

Note: I was just SURE they said this was a silly picture.  I was wrong.
Note 2: This is only a handful of HUNDREDS of crazy pics of Cbug...and all of these are from the last couple of weeks.  HONESTLY.

Sure love my little APPLE and all of his craziness!


The Brackeens said...

That was good for a little giggle!!! He's destined for the spotlight for sure. :)

Raina said...

Bahaha! Finally catching up on some posts of yours I hadn't read yet, and this cracked me up! So funny!