Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 When they first came to live with us,
we just KNEW they were what we had been prepared for.

 But now we realize that they
were another piece of our preparation.

Because what we are being prepared for is still to come. 
We can only see a piece of the picture right now.

But someday we will see how it all works together. 

And it will be more than we could imagine.

Something eternal. Something GLORIOUS!


**If you have spent much time around our family in the last few months, you know how significant these colors are.  What started out as a color-system-for-survival came to represent so much more.  I love that each child claimed their color as their very favorite (except for when KJ and Cbug traded) and each knew the favorite of the others.  They often chose things for each other based on their "colors".  So, to me, this final work of art by the little clan of 6 means so much.  Seeing their "colors" blended together holds great significance in my heart.  So thankful for this treasure.

ps- i promise that soon my melodramatic-ness about this transition will stop.  really.  but in the meantime blogging through it has been incredibly therapeutic.  so thanks for your patience.


mindy said...

Color system=SMART and what a treasure that piece of art is! Excited to see what's next in your story:)

Kelly said...

Not melodramatic at all. Beautiful post! Hope that is hanging somewhere. :)

marilyn said...

I love how you are marking the event, and not in busyness failing to embrace all its significance. Not melodrama, just living in the spirit.