Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet the Teacher (aka meet my cherubs)

Thanks for understanding that I needed a little break from blogging quite so frequently over the last couple of weeks.  There has been a lot to process and we've been working hard to resume some normalcy.  I've got lots of pictures to post, though, so I hope to get back in the swing of things!  Here we go...

On Thursday we went to meet the teacher at our sweet little preschool.  This is the only year that all three of my kiddos will get to be there together.  They are THRILLED.  And even more thrilled that some of their favorite mommy's work/turned soccer team/turned preschool friends are going to be there, too.  Aren't they a fun bunch?

I think "Meet the Teacher Night" should actually be called "meet-my-children-and-for-a-few-minutes-think- they-are-perfect-before-you-start-a-whole-school-year-with-them-and-find-out-otherwise night".  At least that is the pressure I put on myself.  For one night, I'd love to dress my cherubs sweetly, have them be on their best behavior, and then have dreams that the teacher went home and told her husband "I'm SO excited to have KJ, Cbug or Lou in my class this year.  They seem just perfect".  Basically I'd love for my children to not act like children at all, and I've convinced myself that the teacher hasn't already seen 10 other equally "pinched and prodded into being perfect" children that night.  Silly Mommy.

That said, it should be no surprise at all that on our way out the door to meet the teacher last Thursday, I was sincerely praying that the sweet ladies who were committed to investing in my children this year would MEET these angels

and maybe not so much MEET these crazies

Because, I mean, who wouldn't want to have "Mr Too-Cool-for-Everything", "Mr Crazy Face" (who sometimes forgets his...um...manners) and "Miss I'm-a-Princess-and-I'll-scowl-if-I-want-to" for A WHOLE YEAR?
Oh dear.  Thankfully, these three really are quite loved at their little school and best of all encouraged to be what they are...CHILDREN!  And on top of that, we were THRILLED about the teachers we got "meet" on Thursday. 

This is going to be a GREAT (but shockingly...not perfect) year!

*In case you were wondering, we totally blew our cover before we left the preschool that night.  No chance thinking our kids are perfect (don't be fooled into thinking that is a hug the boys were sharing in the middle of KJ's classroom)! 
I wouldn't trade these three not-perfect, but perfectly-mine CHILDREN for the world!

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