Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ode to Mr Combi D.S.

alternatively titled- "Goodbye to a dear friend"

Mr Combi Double Stroller has probably appeared on this blog more often than any person outside of our family, and maybe only second in the inanimate object category to the infamous rain boots (another post). While all warranties were probably voided by our "creative" uses for the double (turned triple...and sometimes quadruple) stroller, it never failed us when we pushed it to the limits.

The stroller carried the trio Trick-Or-Treating for canned goods with the youth group

And has been my assistant for many a MMM activity.  Like a 5 senses nature walk
(a feat which was later surpassed, the day it helped with 6 kids at this same location).

Its been to the neighborhood park (other neighborhoods, too, for that matter) thousands of times,
sometimes with 6 kids in-tow, sometimes with friends along for the ride.

It has shared holidays with us.  Like 4th of July fireworks with a best-buddy
(during which it protected the cherubs from one of the scariest snowmen they'd ever seen)

Always a BIG help on outings
(where it even allowed Lou to keep her snacks accessible)

And of course on our grocery-shopping-excursions.

Always our faithful companion while traveling, too.  Like when we chased RRL all over San Antonio when he was running the half-marathon.

In fact, my favorite of Mr Combi's "skills" was the ability to navigate the airport loaded with multiple children, multiple carseats, diaper bags, carry-ons and purses.  You've never seen anything like it. 

And other than the occasional squeek or extra-effort-required-to-get-started, it rarely complained.

But like all good things, it was time to say goodbye.
Since many of the stroller riders at our house are too big for Mr Combi Double Stroller, we knew it was time for our friend to move on.  And said goodbye.

In a very Toy-Story-esque manner we knew the stroller would only be happy doing what it does best.
Toting happy children (and related paraphernalia)!

Here's to you, Mr Combi Double Stroller.
And many happy trails.

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