Monday, August 22, 2011

MMM: Marshmallow repeat

On the first Monday after my nephews and niece left, I wanted an easy yet super fun MMM activity to do with my kids.  So we repeated one that they loved last year, Marshmallow Art.

Sometimes, you need to have a "project" for which the only purpose is to enjoy it and the only results are to make a mess, have sticky fingers and get to sample some sweet treats.  As a type A who would rather always have a tangible take-away, this has been a tough lesson to learn.  But on this day of transition for our family, it was just what the doctor ordered.

We painted marshmallows (using milk dyed with food coloring)

Then they strung them together with pipecleaners.

random side-note, I never thought to talk to my kids about "patterns" before this, but apparently they had been learning about them in school.  I was really impressed with both boys and their ability to find the "next" in the pattern.  Since this little activty we have added the "pattern game" to our "games that make road-trips more fun" repotoire.  I say "black-white-white-black-white-white-black...what comes next?" and they fill in the blank.  Yes, I actually am a nerd mom.  thankyouverymuch.

The third and most impotant step
taste the gooey goodness.

And this is what we were left with not much to speak of, except a big mess of fun.
And fun it was indeed.
A perfect MMM activity, even if you couldn't frame it.

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