Monday, August 8, 2011

Community through Art

It is not very often that I advocate "a cause" or any particular product from this little piece of the web.  It is not because I don't have causes that I am passionate about and not because there are not products that I find helpful or valuable.  Typically, I just reserve this blog for family.  But today, there are brand new products that have been launched on a website that deserves your attention.  This is cause that blends something of the things I love most- community, family, care for others...AND JEWELRY!  I'd be remiss to not share this opportunity with you. 

I'm not trying to win a contest by posting this, I'm not getting "paid" to tell you about it, really there isn't anything in it for me. 
But there is something in it for you.
You will "get beautiful things and...give hope"
I especially love the bibs...oh, and the jewelry...oh, and the bags...oh, and the scarves. 
Um, maybe you better just shop for yourself.
What an amazing opportunity for YOUR family help THESE families!  And in doing so, be introduced to an amazing story, one I'm just beginning to learn about myself.

I really don't have any words that could add anything to their story, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. In typical DRRF fashion, I started to say "you'll thank me later"...but really, you'll thank them.

About Hill Country Hill Tribers works primarily with refugees from Burma. The women and their families fled persecution in their home country, often based on their different ethnicities. They are members of various Burmese hill tribes, including Karen, Karenni, Kachin, Chin, Lisu, and others, now starting new lives in the Hill Country of Texas. Forced to leave their farms and villages, sometimes with very little warning, these artisans carried bamboo looms through the jungle to safety, dedicated to continuing the traditional art of backstrap weaving that has been passed down for generations from mother to daughter.

In Austin, these weavers are joined by other skilled artisans—seamstresses, knitters and jewelry-makers—to make up Hill Country Hill Tribers. By crafting beautiful products in their homes and gathering together often, these artisans are weaving a community in Austin that is rooted in their past and reaching toward a new future.
Please visit the site to learn more.  And of course- show your support by shopping!


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JG said...

Allison, thanks so much for your support! Do you remember Caren Frost from ACU (and GATA)? She and I are the ones that have started Hill Tribers slowly over the years. We saw yesterday on the website that we got several hits off your blog. We love that you're helping us tell the story! The pictures of your family are ADORABLE. Hope you guys are doing well!

Jessica Reese Goudeau