Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cbug's First Day of School

Technically, it was EVERYONE's first day of school.  All four were supposed to start their school adventures today.

But as is often the case when you have lots of small children, this day did not go as planned.

KJ and Lou both woke up sick during the night.
And since I was staying home with them anyway, Little Bear stayed, too.

Which means...
had the first day of school alone.

It stinks because he and KJ were SO pumped to finally be going to the same school again.  They've been counting down to this day.  And on meet the teacher night last week they were attached at the hip with excitement.
This was Meet the Teacher night.  Watch out world when these two DO get to arrive at school together.  Sheesh.
(shockingly, the above photo shoot was completely unscripted)

Which is actually why in some ways, I'm glad Cbug got to fly solo this morning.
It's funny.  I kind of feel like I've written this post before.  Could be deja vu, or it could be that it actually happened before. Like maybe the first day that KJ and Cbug were supposed to go to the same preschool.
Even without KJ, Cbug had plenty of silly to cover the fdos pictures.

While I would never EVER wish the last few hours on KJ.  Poor guy is miserable.  And I hate that he had the disappointment of missing his first day.  I sincerely do.

But Cbug is just a different kid when he's forced to forge ahead alone.  He and I got to walk to school, just the two of us (well, when I could keep up with him).  He didn't stop talking the entire time.  He was so excited, he could hardly stand it.

I got to walk him to his classroom without dividing my attention. 

And I'm so glad I did.  Because as we headed down the hall, he becames more than a little bit unsure about the whole thing.  Not necessarily sad or anxious even, just trying to absorb it all.  There were people passing all around, people calling out instructions, so much to see hanging in the hallways.  He was definitely over stimulated- and I saw that familiar look in his eyes.

The one that says "In about 5 seconds I'm either going to need to hide somewhere ALONE with my legos or I'm going to completely breakdown."

Even with me snuggled next to him- this was his face.

Which is why his teachers first words to her "babies" was MUSIC to both of our ears.
"Boys and Girls, you have three choices.  You can either read a book, play with playdough at your own desk, or just listen while I talk to the Mommies and Daddies."

She was speaking his love language.

In his own world- happy with playdough.
And as he worked on his very own blue playdough, it was like he had just a few minutes to regroup alone (even in the crowd) and get ready for his day.  I might have missed that transition in his eyes if I'd had to rush over to KJ's class.  And I can honestly say, after I saw him shift, I was easily able to walk out without a tear (from either of us).
Wow what a difference!

It was certainly disappointing that RRL didn't get to be there.  And such a bummer that he and KJ didn't get to share the first day.

But I'm incredibly thankful for those moments this morning with my big Kindergartner.

At big school
For the very first time.


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