Sunday, August 25, 2013

Run for Craig

I've done some interesting things while running.
But none compare to this weekend.

This weekend, 
this happened.

I donned a headlamp at 1:30am.
With arms raised in thanksgiving and praise,
I ran through sprinklers.
In the middle of the night.

And it was my favorite run ever.

Because this weekend
this happened.
The sign-in poster before the run began

Although the track was completely empty at that dark time of night
I didn't run alone.
I was joined by an army of people 
running and praying. 

because this weekend
this happened.
13 hours in and already more than 150 miles.
It was truly an honor to be able to be one of many.
To listen to the prayer requests that Craig and his family asked that we cry out on their behalf.
It was incredible to be reminded that when the "Life Race" gets difficult-
when things like Cancer knock unexpectedly at our door, 
We are never running alone. 

Because this weekend,
so much happened.
251 miles.
By more than 75 runners and walkers.
24 hours of prayer

This weekend
We ran because
We believe.
We believe that God is mighty to heal someone we love.  To conquer cancer.

I have to confess to you, in the past I've felt pretty good about the way I've shared my faith on this little piece of the world wide web.  And while its true that you don't have to read many posts in DRRF to catch a glimpse of what we believe- I was convicted while running this weekend that it might have been only a glimpse.

This time, I don't want to miss the opportunity to be very clear.
One of Craig's requests was that he and his family use what they are experiencing, his battle with Cancer, to share something with others.  So, I would be terribly remiss to not take an opportunity in a post about this prayer run to share with you.

Wanna know what in the world would motivate people to run in the middle of the night?
Or worse, in the middle of the day in August in TX?

We believe that we are all totally messed up.
None of us are perfect.
I am far from it.

But I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
I believe He came to this Earth, lived as both fully God and fully Man so that He alone could pay the ultimate price for all of our sins.  Horrific, torturous death on a cross.

I believe that in Him alone is found a power to save.
I believe He is able to heal Craig completely.
But, I also believe someday our lives as we know them on this Earth will end.
And when that happens, I believe that Jesus has already paid the price for salvation for all, for eternal life.
We believe that we ALL need to be saved.
And we believe that Jesus is the way to the salvation.
There is nothing we've done to earn it.  There is nothing we can do to lose it.
And its for you, too.
All you have to do is believe.
That's it.

I want you to know what I believe.
Don't let me over-complicate it.  Don't let me cloud it.  Don't miss it.

If you don't know the Truth about the saving power of Christ.  If you don't have a community of people that encourage you to know a Lord that saves you by Grace, and not by anything you can do- I don't want to let another moment go by without being the one to tell you.

That's why we ran.


Cindi Schrimsher said...

Knew you would be posting on this event. And so anxious to see how it would read. Naturally, not disappointed. Reads exactly as it needs to be read. Thank you for rounding up the runners, and for providing the avenue (physical location and spiritual direction). So humbled to have been a minute part of this, and so proud to be a big fan of Team Lewis, who are big fans of Team Stone. Love you ABL.

Cindi Schrimsher said...

Knew you would be writing about this event, and have been anxious to see what it would say. Most of all, it reads exactly as it needs to be read. So humbled and honored to have been a minute part of this and to be a huge fan of Team Lewis, along with Team Stone. Throughout the night, awoke several times with the thought of "who's running now?" and praying for those of YOU who were keeping feet on the path. Thank you again - for loving Craig and for loving our Lord. Well Done, ABL.

Mrs. Hatchett said...

So proud to call you friend. You are a gifted writer, selfless friend and Godly example. Thank you for dreaming a big dream to stand in the gap for a friend.