Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lou and Her Brother (who finally got a blog name) Go to School

I mean, its not a competition.
Not at all.
But if it were,
it just got stiff.

I didn't think anything could top Cbug's fdos story and pictures.  He was so handsome, so silly, so cooperative.  But then RRL took these pictures of Tito and Lou before they headed off to their first day.  A little less cooperative- but oh my, in their coordinated outfits and adorable signs (thank Kristi) and the spikey hair beside his sister's pink bow.  That boys' sly little smirk and the princesses sparkly shoes. Welp. Just go ahead and MELT.MY.HEART.

I was more than a little bit disappointed that our FDOS that didn't go like we planned meant that RRL would have to take Tito and Lou in for their first day without me.

I was already torn up on the inside about my baby going to "school" but to not get to walk him in myself.... on second thought, maybe I'm not quite ready to talk about it.  Let's just get back to the adorable pictures.

The good news is, our little spikey haired darling is one of only 5 kids in his "class".  With 2 teachers.  Add some bonus hugs through the day from other teachers and friends (who already love his big brothers and sister) and he is hardly deprived or forgotten.  Quite the opposite.

And, of course,
he has big sister around to watch out for him.

Lou is already loving school.

Jumped right in, even after missing the first day.

And hasn't looked back.  Poor thing, it is certainly sad she doesn't have any confidence.

She was made for school.  She would probably rather be teaching it, but she'll settle for this in the meantime.  She loves reading to her babies, or brothers.  She loves writing her name.  She loves colors.  She loves SCHOOL.

So glad these two will spend the year together being so well loved at a place we've come to love.   Its the only way I'm able to keep working, even part-time, knowing that they are there.You certainly do become bonded to people that spend so much of their time caring for your treasures.  And the sweet people at this little preschool go way above and beyond.  Can't say enough good things about them.  What a blessing!

FDOS #2 for our casa.  Check.

*as a fun note- I'm trying out a new blog-name for the baby-est member of our team.  I just didn't like that "Little Bear" isn't any sort of derivative of his real name.  It doesn't match the others.  I know.  These are the quirky things I think about.

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