Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the Whole Wide Wuhld

I love how Lou adds emphasis to just about anything she says.
And I can understand where she is coming from. 
I mean-
Why just tell me about your day when you can start with "MOM. You will NOT BELIEVE what happened today..."

Why would a simple "I love you" suffice when you can say "You are the bestest Mommy in the whole wide wuhld". 

Why would you simply ask for something when you can say "Can I petty petty petty petty puhhh-lease....?"
(have I mentioned before that I'll be sad when she finds her "r" sound? once or twice, maybe)

This summer, I watched her stand confidently in line for a bounce house obstacle course.  As she was surrounded by kids twice her size, I wondered why it didn't bother her.  Maybe she genuinely doesn't notice that she is so small.   Or maybe she is just so confident in herself that she simply doesn't care.  Unless there is a dog present, This girl does not know the meaning of "you are too little". 

And in at least one way, I know that it is true.  She isn't too little.  She's not too little to teach her momma a few things about putting emphasis on the right things.  The true things.  The hopeful things.  The lovely things. 

I've clung to this sweet reminder from her sweet little mouth.  Like many of the things she says, I'm quite certain she does not fully comprehend what she is repeating.  But like many things she teaches me, I'm also quite certain its much less complicated that I try to make it.

His word.  Through her mouth.  I hope you are as blessed by it as I am!

And you know what, Lou?  I sure love you.
More than the WHOLE WIDE WUHLD!

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