Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You might be a fourth child if...

Letterman style, here are the top five ways you might know you are the fourth child

Number 5
Your mom is so desperate to have you occupied while she cooks dinner that she lets you feed yourself greek yogurt, fully aware you are making a HUGE mess.  As she tries to scrape off the thick layer of this delicacy from every crevice of your body she debates whether it was worth it- and yes, it totally was.

Number 4
When it appears that your brothers and sister are occupying every possible toy in the house, you have no problems getting creative.  You are completely content to roll up the entry way mat and go for a ride.  AND THEN your mom is so desperate to have you stay ON your carpet-horse until she finds her camera, that she lets you play with things that your brothers and sister would have gotten in trouble for even touching.

Number 3
You have mastered THIS (see evidence below) when said electronics are removed from your possession.
Which actually works way more often than it should.

Number 2
You rarely say "Momma" but you know some version of how to ask for all of your favorite things-none of which your siblings were allowed to have at this age...cracker, pho or hello (for the phone) and button (for TV remote or anything you might can push).  Check out this adorable spikey-haired-4th child pushing buttons at the science museum.

And the number 1 way you might know you are the fourth child...
When you FINALLY decide to start walking at SIXTEEN-STINKIN-MONTHS-OLD, it is only then because your Momma and Daddy bribe you with the IPAD and an IPHONE (video below- unedited so you can see the evidence that he achieved his goal at the end).  But your parents most certainly DO NOT CARE if this prized video involves you even wearing a shirt.  Not a bit.  

Regardless of his depravity as a fourth child (COUGH COUGH), we love every single bit of him.  And we are just as proud of his milestones as any parent of one.  On that note: don't pass go without taking time to watch this ADORABLE video of our very own fourth child's first steps.


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Anita said...

I too don't really like the "she’s the fourth kid" comments people make, but also freely admit that she gets away with a lot more than her sisters ever did! Good thing they're so cute, right? :-)