Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chicago: Just us

There are several reasons I haven't written about it earlier.
It was a busy week.
I came home and jumped right back in to normal mommy-hood.
There are so many pictures it is overwhelming.

But mostly because
it was just us.

Sure we were surrounded by THOUSANDS of people
but still
somehow it seemed that for a few days Chicago was just ours.
And these days we have very little that is just ours.

Somehow it almost doesn't even seem real.  This really happened.  This surprise get-away tucked in the middle of craziness.  But it is most definitely true.  We spent a weekend together in Chicago.  We walked all over town, hand-in-hand.  Sometimes talking, sometimes pointing things out to each other, often just walking and smiling.  Lots of smiling.  A bit of kissing (even in public- GASP).  And, well, a little arguing.  
But just a little.

When it came to navigation
he guided via new fangled technology
and I walked with my trusty paper map.
And dare I say, neither of our "methods" would have survived without the other.
I love what this says about our relationship.
We make such a great team.

We roamed the city, mostly by foot, but also by train, by boat, and by bus- and I can't wait to share some of the fantastic views we captured.

And that's what is hard-
It's hard to know the balance between wanting to document the fun we had together in Chicago
not really wanting to share the memories we made- the memories that are just ours.

In the end,

I can't help myself.  There are stories to be told, pictures to share, memories to document.  And I think I'm ready.  But beware, now that I've broken the silence, the dam is about to be released.  Photo overload coming your way.  And if none of it really makes sense, welp- that's because its kinda like trying to explain an inside joke. I guess, "You had to be there."

But this time, 
it was just us.


As a funny aside-
Most of the pictures in this post were taken with the one-arm extended self-portrait method.  Thank goodness for digital pics because a few of those self-portraits turned out looking a little something like this:

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Anita said...

I just want to say how much I appreciate your willingness to be real when it comes to your posts. In the midst of being excited about the wonderful weekend you had you also mentioned that it wasn't all perfect and you argued a little. Not many people are willing to put it out there for everyone to see that they/their marriage/their family is not picture perfect. From one imperfect person/wife/mother to another--thank you! Looking forward to all the pics!